Mouvex 1911 is reborn with its Art Deco collection

Mouvex 1911 is a special brand. The History of Watchmaking, with two large H’s, is complex, changing, and full of twists and turns. It is made up of grandiose moments, successes, discoveries, revolutionary inventions, and key players. It also has its share of defeats, bankruptcies, failures, crises, and disappearances. The various wars affected the sector, as did large-scale events, such as the gradual opening of borders or the arrival of quartz. During these crises, some industry giants held on by adapting or not, other actors took breaks, and still, others simply went out of business.


Today we are interested in a Swiss watch brand that has been part of this last category for decades, but which this year presents a new watch which marks its resurrection: This brand is Mouvex 1911 and its new Art Deco collection

Mouvex 1911 would therefore be a brand of vintage Swiss watches, but which apparently had very little distribution in Europe. This would explain why it is so complicated to find any information on its origins. According to my research, the “Mouvex 1911” watches were mainly reserved for export, and more specifically for the American market. Even today, moreover, we can note the fact that the brand’s Facebook page is exclusively in English, and that the official site is available in French, and in English. Even their slogan, “Swiss Excellence”, is used in English throughout their communication.

The watch we are testing today is part of the “Art Deco” collection, related to the eponymous artistic movement dating back to the 1920s. This collection, therefore, marks the rebirth of Mouvex 1911 in this year 2020.

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