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Introduction to the watch brand Mouvex 1911

Versatility is the key to all Mouvex conceptions. The watch was designed to be compatible with Apple watch straps, which enable its owner to adapt the watch look based on his mood and outfit style. Moreover, the packaging is versatile, practical, and reusable. Unlike most of the watch boxes, Mouvex packaging is convertible into a […]

Mouvex 1911 is reborn with its Art Deco collection

Mouvex 1911 is a special brand. The History of Watchmaking, with two large H’s, is complex, changing, and full of twists and turns. It is made up of grandiose moments, successes, discoveries, revolutionary inventions, and key players. It also has its share of defeats, bankruptcies, failures, crises, and disappearances. The various wars affected the sector, […]

Launching a limited edition watch collection

Mouvex 1911, founded in 1911 , is back in the spotlight after several decades of inactivity with a limited edition watch collection. A true watchmaking gem, the Swiss brand has found new momentum, driven by a group of watch enthusiasts, inspired by its history and origins.   In a desire for quality, Mouvex has not skimped on the […]

The Legacy of a Renowned Swiss Watch Brand

Since I started the blog, you all know my love for timepieces. I may sound old-fashioned, but I firmly believe that there comes a time in life when it becomes essential to own at least one beautiful watch. Today, I have the pleasure to present to you Mouvex 1911 , a Swiss watch brand that offers a new collection […]

The New Art Deco watch collection

  This is a preview from Chronotempus article about Mouvex 1911 Every week, new people want to embark on the watchmaking adventure and we therefore see the birth of new Swiss watch brands, but also French, German, English and other countries. So, it’s not always easy to navigate and see what’s really interesting. However, when I discovered Mouvex […]

A new Swiss automatic watch concept

  This is a preview from Montres et Tendance article about Mouvex 1911 After decades of inactivity, a group of watchmaking enthusiasts decided to revive the brand by drawing inspiration from its origins and adapting it to the needs of today’s consumers. With an innovative collection and its new Swiss automatic watch concept, Mouvex returns […]