Mouvex Anniversary – Interview of Valentin Guidi

October is a very important month for Mouvex 1911 as it marks important anniversaries for the watch brand and manufacturer. This article, in particular, is special as for the first time the co-founder of Mouvex Watches, Valentin Guidi shares details about the foundation of this brand, the rich history, and heritage, as well as the challenges of relaunching it in the modern days while adapting the businesses’ practices to the digital innovation.



  1. Mouvex’s history is a real fairytale. How did you decide to revive such an iconic Swiss Watch brand?

I had a good feeling about Mouvex Watches as soon as my partners and I were introduced to it. Of course, when we came across this great creation by M. Blum’s great son, the brand was still dormant. M. Blum was the founder of Ebel so it could not be a coincidence that Mouvex would inherit the same charm.

What made us fall in love with Mouvex was undoubtedly its heritage and we could not miss out on the chance to relaunch this historical brand. We would eventually have to start our work by doing some research on the brand and in order to do so, we discovered the endlessly available archives of the International Watch Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Not only were we able to learn more about the amazing story behind the creation of Mouvex as a watch brand and watch manufacturer, their challenges and endeavors at the time, but we also learned so much about the wonders of the Swiss watchmaking. True watchmaking enthusiasts will know what I mean.



  1. What are the challenges of launching a microbrand in the world of luxury watchmaking?

Ever since the e-commerce strategies emerged in the world of watchmaking, there have been numerous new brands flourishing year after year. Hence, for us at Mouvex it became crucial to transmit clearly our mission of being not just another watch producer launching collections through digital channels, but rather a provider of this wholesome experience of wearing a timepiece.

We are concentrating our efforts on developing this special connection with our clients where we embrace their preferences and style, helping them express themselves and distinguish as well as offer them the best of quality while providing them with a touch of artistic creativity and most importantly a watchmaking heritage story to enrich their special collection of precious watches with.

Adapting our classic and traditional way of watchmaking with digital innovation rather than a challenge remains for us an exciting journey of continuous improvement. After all, Mouvex timepieces themselves represent this natural balance between the heritage and the modern approach.


  1. One of the reasons why Mouvex Watches are so special is the strong connection the brand has with art. Would you consider what you are doing artistic watchmaking?

I believe we can all agree on watchmaking being a form of art itself. On one side we have the design which is the first confrontation with a product and on the other we have the mechanical aspect of a timepiece that requires particular acquaintance and savoir-faire, both, of course, demanding artistic attention to details. As professionals working in a creative world, we take inspiration from different forms of art.

For the Art Deco collection, we were inspired by the glorious Art Deco era, which corresponds to the first years of Mouvex’s launch therefore the emotional bond with this form of art is immense. But the Art Deco design was not our only source of inspiration as we have combined different arts into these timepieces, and we are very proud of the outcome.



  1. One of the objectives that Mouvex Watches particularly points at is the interpersonal relationship with the clients of the watches. Have you been able to do that so far?

We strongly believe that the relationship between a brand and its clients is fundamental, but unfortunately missing for the major part of the brands out there.

At Mouvex we make sure to be in direct contact with our clients always taking into consideration their feedback, something that will be eventually reflected in our future collections and launches. By doing so, the Mouvex’s wearers always have a voice in a mutual relationship which helps us to continuously improve ourselves in this journey together.


  1. The main focus of the brand’s communication remains on the brand values, especially on the self-expression. Would you say that you have already transmitted this value to your clients?

Mouvex has brought for its wearer several added values along with its unconventional shape and style. The possibility to choose in between bracelets through the interchangeability feature with Apple Watches offers a set of different and infinite styles’ combinations. This means that by wearing a Mouvex timepiece, you will ensure your uniqueness and be able to express yourself in every way you want to.



  1. Let’s stop on the versatility, as one of the core values of the brand. How did you come through with this innovative strategy for Mouvex?

Everything about Mouvex was conceived to be versatile. And take my word on this: It is not easy to explore ways of implementing this value on everything we do. We have been blessed with a great and hard-working team that produces interesting ideas every day.

At Mouvex we want to go further our initial offer. We need to have our audience know us for everything we are bringing on the table especially our smart product development and service strategies. This is why our straps are compatible with the Apple Watch and our watch packaging is convertible into a smartphone holder and a sound amplifier.


  1. What are the story and the reason behind the square shape of the Mouvex Watches’ cases?

The main reason behind having a square-shaped watch is because along with Mouvex we also offer compatibility with the Apple Watch straps. The smartwatches’ particular case shape inspired ours.

The other reason concerns the design perspective. As mentioned previously we were inspired by the Art Deco style which itself combines linear and circular shapes. Along with Mouvex’s relaunch, the opportunity presented itself to also relaunch this particular design inspired by the 20s, an era coinciding with Mouvex’s foundation.


  1. On this very important anniversary for Mouvex what would you say about your journey with the brand so far and what are the plans for the future?

Ever since we started this journey with Mouvex we have established connections with so many watchmaking enthusiasts and experts and we have learned so much about this field. We are glad to realize how satisfying our timepieces have been.

The launch of the first new collection is always the trickiest one because it makes it hard to build on certain expectations. It is safe to say that so far, we have been quite successful and that the brand is developing and expanding quite rapidly.

We are of course planning to develop new collections in the near future as fruits of special concepts aiming to reach out to more and more timepieces’ enthusiasts. We invite you all to stay tuned for more and further connect with us!


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