We believe that a timepiece should not just be useful or practical, but it should represent its owner and become one with their choices, experiences, and passions. Timekeeping is indeed art. Creating the right timepiece for you is a real journey and being chosen to accompany you through your life is nothing but a privilege for every watchmaker.

For us, at Mouvex it is really important to share this passion, tradition, and legacy of watchmaking with all the real enthusiasts of luxury watches collections out there. As there are plenty of details to look for when considering purchasing a luxury watch, for Mouvex, the most important criteria to consider in order to make this decision is the values that the brand promotes.  This is the reason why it is very important for us to share a very interpersonal relationship with the owners of our watches as it is not just a product, but an exclusive experience.

So, what makes the Mouvex watches so great? Let’s take a look at 4 important features about them, shall we?


  1. Owning a Mouvex watch is an exclusive experience

Mouvex’s story dates back in 1911, when Eugene Blum and Alice Levi-Blum concretized their love for watchmaking by creating two watch manufacturers, Mouvex and Ebel. Due to difficult times and put under the circumstances to choose between the manufacturers, the decision brought for Mouvex to be put in hibernation for many years until its glorious comeback in 2019.

To celebrate this very important moment in Mouvex’s history, the Legacy Chapter, we launched the very first collection honoring the Art Deco design of 1911. The Art Deco-inspired collection is a limited numbered edition and therefore each timepiece is equipped with a unique serial number. Each timepiece is precious, and their exclusivity only makes their value grow over time.


  1. Mouvex watches are made of Swiss excellence

Does it happen to you that when you are thinking about a watch, you imagine the case shape to be round?! Well, it is in fact quite a common feature about luxury watches, while Mouvex watches’ cases are rectangular shaped. Every timepiece is automatic, inheriting the excellence of the Swiss movement. The cases are made of surgical stainless-steel and their backs are engraved with the art deco design patterns, legacy of 1911.

In order to offer only the best of quality, we make sure to use premium materials. The glasses are made of sapphire strength while the watches’ bands are made of either premium stamped silicon, surgical stainless-steel mesh or full-grain Italian calf leather.  Mouvex watches are equipped with a 42 hours power reserve. No matter which case would work best for you and regardless of the style, the dials are multilayered.


  1. We use V for Versatility

Mouvex is a very versatile brand and in the core of all our principles stands the self-expression. You can easily match these watches to your style through the interchangeable bands. Choose between the different styles of the bands and make sure to have the right ones for your everyday looks as well as for the special evening looks.

Is there a better way than to express yourself through music?! Every timepiece created by Mouvex is delivered with its special box which can convert into a sound system so that your music can be heard out loud. It can as well be used as a nice box to place your pocket-sized belongings.


  1. Creativity is the genesis of these creations

The relaunch of Mouvex would need to inherit the legacy of 1911. The Art Deco collection was a fruit of inspiration from the 1911 Art Deco design and this is just the first chapter. Moreover, these watches belong to a limited numbered and time edition, making these pieces perfect to enrich your collection of luxury watches. The inspiration for creativity is and will always remain artistic.

The best moments are not just to be kept track of, they are to be worn and felt to the wrist with the best timepiece. Be part of the Legacy Chapter. Dare to be different with Mouvex!

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