4 Mouvex watches for different lifestyles

A watch might equal a thousand words about your personality. And no, we are not joking around.

Choosing the right watch to match your personality and lifestyle is a real milestone in life, especially because the timepiece is an all-time companion and it should adapt perfectly to your journeys.

At Mouvex we are keen on the close relationship between the watch and its owner, therefore we make sure to offer unique experiences through our limited numbered edition watches, all equipped with unique serial numbers. This experience is exclusive.

While the personality types may vary, there is one thing they share in common, the appreciation for notable forms of art. Mouvex was woken up after years of hibernation launching a limited collection of watches inspired by the Art Deco design which was the main source of inspiration in 1911 when Mouvex was born. Besides offering a very creative approach in timekeeping, Mouvex is a very versatile brand.

In order to show you how versatile Mouvex is we have chosen four different timepieces from the same collection which would perfectly match four different personalities. Would you like to know which are they?! Let us walk you through our choices!


  1. The heartbreaking gentleman

It is hard to resist the charm of a classy and elegant man who can easily be spotted in a fancy evening by the way he looks, the outfit he is wearing, the eloquence of his speech, the dazing smell and the fancy drink he is holding.

This man is sure of himself, takes good care of his looks and is always cured from head to toe. His favorite outfit would be a tuxedo or an elegant suit, never missing out on details such as the pocket squares or the shirt pins while perfectly combining every single detail. The one thing missing in this panorama is the watch, but don’t worry as we have the right Mouvex choice for you.

The Mouvex watch choice: Gatsby


  1. The hard worker

His job is everything and the career is listed at the top of his priorities. He can usually be found at his job place proving capacity for hard work and burning the midnight oil. His special occasions are related to charity events, conferences, business closing dinners, or other important career-related gatherings.

This personality invests the major part of his time in his work experience, knowledge, skills, and negotiations, but never forgets how important his look is in the way he presents himself. His outfits are mainly good suits and leather shoes, accompanied by stylish accessories and a polished hairstyle. He is persuasive and likes the big talk. There is one little detail missing about his look though and that is the watch. By owning an exclusive timepiece from the limited numbered Art Deco-inspired collection by Mouvex you will have one more art-related topic to bring to the table.

The Mouvex watch choice: Chicago



  1. The smart-casual young at heart men

For him, the suits should match his favorite sneakers and his style shouts comfortable yet classy. All he needs is a neat white t-shirt that matches his white elegant sneakers while irresistibly holding his jacket over his shoulder with a light grip. Jeans would work too as well as linen pants and shirts. He keeps up with fashion trends and would perfectly pull off a Cuban shirt combined with ankle-length pants.

His soul’s forever young, and his look totally agrees. But there is one simple detail missing that would absolutely match his avant-garde charm, the right Mouvex watch. Our proposed model is the missing piece of the puzzle that can easily be combined with square-shaped smoke mirror sunglasses, the latest trend in eye wearing.

The Mouvex watch choice: Paris



  1. The classic family men

The “family man” is definitely the most beloved of all. When we think about the family man, we can’t help but think about our fathers. Some of them might be quite fashionable and some may rock their dad’s sneakers but what’s more important is that all of them need to feel comfortable in their outfits. The free time after work is spent in the family, helping the partner to do the shopping, watering the plants, helping the kids to learn how to ride the bike or even play football.

This guy is the best at organizing the biggest yearly barbeque gathering with friends and family and doesn’t spend too much on himself. But when it comes to the watch, he surely invests on a great watch to help him keep track of his best moments and accompany him in every journey. We think we have the right Mouvex pick for you.

The Mouvex watch choice: Stoclet


Which type are you?!

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