If you have been wondering what is going on with the innovation in watchmaking, what we can tell you is that it’s doing well. Although there have been groundbreaking digital solutions to telling time, none of these great solutions can completely satisfy the need for a premium automatic watch. There is no replacement for the timeless embellishments of the high-end watchmaking game.

To keep the game strong, the industry is continuously providing innovation in terms of the quality of the materials, the watch design, ways to conquer the market as well as the whole experience while wearing a watch.


  1. From affordable to expensive: ETA 2824 movement sets the standard


Before the first automatic movement was invented, the watches were manual-winded. It was after that the automatics started to take hold of the market, offering the solution of the self-winders. The 2824 movement, the best known in the family of the ETA 28XX, is used for the entry priced timepieces in the high-end watchmaking.

This movement has surely been around long enough to prove its tough credentials with the first of the modern 2824-2 models coming off the bench in 1982. Based on the Eterna 1427 designed back in 1961, this movement serves as a benchmark for automatic watches. Why is it so cherished? Simple: it is accurate and durable while also offering the core functionality needed by the major good quality watch producers.


Mouvex is built upon the same automatic movement offering the best of quality for real watch-aholics.


  1. Design twists


Over the course of time we have been introduced to many different watch designs, mostly themed or inspired by other fields like art or science. It is hard to forget about the Rotonde de Cartier Astromysrérieux which took the use of the Sapphire Crystal to another level, or the Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Nuit Lumineuse, which explored all the wonders of the constellations made of diamonds. Just like that Piaget Emperador Coussin XL 700P made hearts melt with the amazing design matching elegance with masculine strength. Their mutual feature is the amazing distinguishing style.

Important to be noted in terms of the watch design is the rectangular shaped-watch case, which is a feature of high-end watches.

The square-shaped case is a feature of Mouvex watches. At the same time, Mouvex has introduced a combination of timekeeping with art, taking inspiration from design patterns of major influence.


  1. The rise of the microbrands

Watchmaking stands on a fine line between the enthusiasts of watches (who collect established brands and become more and more opened to purchasing value-priced microbrands) and the ones who are quite new to this world.


While the term microbrand might sound new in the market, over the last 10+ years the grounds were set for the emerging of them to this day, from old players to new arrivals and all others in between. Breaking through the traditional retail watch sales environment, the microbrands opt for a more secure connection with their potential customers through different and direct communication channels. The digital channels are making the selling process more accessible and quicker without many efforts.

Even though Mouvex doesn’t fall under the microbrand classification, it actually has plenty of characteristics in common with this category. For instance, Mouvex provides the customer not only with premium quality watches but also with the whole experience of becoming part of this incredible journey together. The watches’ collection is easily accessible through the convenient website and the purchase process takes just a few clicks, with the delivery always offered for free. The brand foresees that in the future the audience insights will serve as an indicator for upcoming collections.


  1. Exclusivity as a privilege in watchmaking

Exclusive means: not shared; available to only one person or group. On the other hand, what does it mean to wear a watch?! For some, it means prestige, while for some it is an indicator of good taste. The watch is also a symbol of success and status. Choosing the watch is always based on culture, refinement, and knowledge. But what is more important, wearing a watch should make one feel special.

The watchmaking industry has taken the exclusivity path for quite some time now. In order to offer the privilege of exclusivity, various watch manufacturers are opting for the culture of the limited numbered edition.

Mouvex believes strongly in exclusivity, which is reflected through its offering limited time and numbered edition of watch collection. Its glorious comeback was made with the launch of the Art Deco design inspired collection which is a limited numbered edition.


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