5 Iconic Watch Case Shapes: From Square To Asymmetrical Watches

When you think about the shape of a watches’ case what is the first thing that comes in your mind? Let us have a guess… round shape, isn’t it right?

And we totally understand. Being that in the past the gears would be generally round-shaped that influenced watch faces to be round as well. Although, the watch industry moves at a very fast pace compared to the menswear industry in general. On the other hand, faced with the R&D budget, it is no wonder that most brands keep sticking to the round shape.

For years now SIHH and Baselworld have introduced design innovations from big brands, always tending to go towards square and rectangular watches, faces of watches that weren’t seen since the dawn of the Art Deco era. The culture development and fashion trend are indicating a great comeback of the square watch. The square watches stand for an incredible blend between the elegance of the past and the modern approach making opting more and more for self-expression.

This on the other hand doesn’t mean that round watches and other differently shaped timepieces are not as important as square watches. There are amazing timepieces that would be perfect to enrich the special collection of watches. It is true that different timepieces’ shapes stand for different styles and tastes and for this reason we have made a selection of five different watch shapes for you.


1. Round watches

For the round watch our selection will be Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in Oystersteel White Dial. Its mechanism is impenetrable and collecting Cosmograph Daytonas at the moment seems to be particularly impossible.

The diamond polish finish of this round face watch, combined with the properties of ceramic that make it virtually scratchproof and impervious to colour degradation, means this watch will always look new, and super shiny. As per the movement, the excellent caliber 4130 beats away behind the dial, with 72 hours of power reserve.


This watch would definitely suit a man that can be a little bit of everything but for sure classic at all times. This man loves to collect watches and has an eye for round timepieces because he really appreciates legacy and the elegance of the past. The timepiece is the most important accessory for our persona, and he carries his precious choice fanatically with him regardless of the occasion.


2. Rectangular watches

Needless to say, Cartier is one of the world’s most known luxury brands. And that cannot be a coincidence. Cartier has brought to life iconic watch designs and we have one of them in mind particularly, the Cartier Tank that is 103 years old and that was an important part of the transition from pocket to wrist.


The standard for a modern luxury watch, antireflective sapphire crystal protects the dial, and the crown with its synthetic spinel cabochon is essentially unchanged from the earliest Tanks. The Cartier Tank Solo is hardly a “large” watch, but it is successful in being a more modern, sufficiently masculine iteration of the design and is almost the wristwatch version of a tuxedo. The personality type for this watch would be elegant and daring, young at heart while always keeping an eye on the glory of the past.

3. Square watches

This is most probably our most favorite watch face shape. We will have the pleasure to consider Mouvex in this case which was inspired by the glory of the square shape in the Art Deco era. For many reasons, the comeback collection is a reflection of the artistic values of that artistic approach. Brought to life as a blend of Swiss legacy in watchmaking, artistic inspiration, and automatic movement, Mouvex is the most special square watch at the moment rising from its own ashes.


The personality type is of course artistic and interested in architecture and design. Our man looks towards the future while always carrying proudly the roots of the past incorporating them elegantly in the present. This personality type is everywhere and for him, it is really important to express himself the best way through his style and accessories.

4. Tonneau watches

Our choice for this watch shape?! Franck Muller Vanguard Titanium. The tonneau watch shape is an age-old design going back to the 1920s, but Franck Muller made it hot again. Franck Muller Vanguard collection takes that classic Art Deco look and makes it feel much more contemporary.


This watch looks for an avant-garde personality that is out there looking for the fun in everything with sophistication. This man can pull off every look and he cannot help but impress in a suit. He is a lover of aesthetics and a great fan of the past’s culture.


5. Asymmetrical watches

Last but not least, the last and less conventional shape is the asymmetrical style. This shape gives a unique style to the watch which can sometimes be almost invisible but extremely refined. The Baldinini Diver watch from the Acqua collection is a great example.


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