A look Into The Avant-Garde Concept Of Mouvex Smart Packaging

With the rebirth of Mouvex, we wanted to launch our initiative to catapult our brand into the future. It’s about more than just creating timeless yet cutting edge watches. We’ve carefully considered every aspect from the components of the watch to the packaging it arrives in.

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A Bit Of Background On Smart Packaging

The world is awakening to the effects that climate change is having on the environment. So much packaging ends up in landfills and takes decades to decompose. Responsible, reusable and biodegradable packaging is becoming increasingly popular amongst many brands across industries ranging from food to fashion.

Originally the idea came about to protect the contents and indicate the freshness of the food it contained. Fast forward, smart packaging is taking off since it provides the user with something more. It’s become beneficial for more than just housing and protecting products.  We’ve been inspired to create packaging that is multi-functional so you can use it on a daily basis. It’s part of our initiative to be conscious of the impact we’re having on the environment.


Don’t Let Your Watch Box Collect Dust

Usually, premium brands create packaging that is just as luxurious as the contents. It’s a huge part of the buyer experience, to unwrap and unravel your new purchase. Most people undeniably store the packaging or even attempt to cherish or reuse the box. The reality is that it will probably end up collecting dust at the back of the wardrobe for the foreseeable future, never actually being used.

That’s why the concept of our smart packaging is so revolutionary. Instead of creating glamorous boxes that you will never lay eyes on again, we wanted to invent a solution that is just as technologically adaptable as our watches within.



How To Make The Most Out Of Your Mouvex Box

The Mouvex box is a multi-use device. As well as holding your watch, it converts into the below.

  • A smartphone pod
  • An amplifier

The smartphone pod is an ingenious solution for holding your phone as well as other small items. You can charge your phone by slotting in your cable and you can conveniently move it around the house. Thanks to your the smartphone pod you will never lose your phone again.

The box also doubles as an amplifier, which is disguised within. It enhances the natural sound of your device, so there is no need for wires or chargers, which saves you the hassle of wasting time untangling cables and finding charging ports.


It’s All About The Details

The design was conceived to be efficient yet elegant in order to reflect the watch it holds. It’s carefully crafted from sumptuous dark leather-like material, while the amplifier is covered with speaker netting to enhance the natural acoustics. The box also acts as a Smartphone pod, which you can use with your own charging cable.

Find Out What Awaits Within Your Multifunctional Box

When you buy a Mouvex watch your buying in a lifestyle, it’s more than just a watch you might wear from time to time. It’s the complete package, full of surprises. Your watch will come with an instruction manual printed of Selvyt cloth, which is the ultimate polishing fabric used for decades amongst watch enthusiasts.

If applicable you’ll also find additional straps inside your Mouvex box, otherwise, you will be able to interchange your Apple watch straps and vice versa. You can easily interchange the straps thanks to the pin pusher tool provided. This is one of the only watches you’ll find that allows you to do so. For any Apple Watch owner, it benefits you to be able to make the most out of both your watches. The concept behind this feature was to be able to give you the opportunity to create the aesthetic style you prefer.


Let Mouvex Become A Part Of Your Daily Life

When you’re getting comfortable at home after a long day at the office, you probably enjoy unwinding with your favorite music in the background. Forget your fiddley earphones, simply remove the cylinder in the Mouvex box, insert your phone and continue to dance around your living room like no one is watching.

When you’re spending quality time with your family or friends there is nothing better than enjoying music together. It was one of the principles that we felt we wanted to incorporate into the packaging – the ability to create memories. The box itself is lightweight so it can be moved around the house at your own convenience. Enjoy the crisp amplified sound when you’re waking up and brushing your teeth to your playlist or when you’re having an impromptu barbeque with your friends. Watch your Mouvex box become part of your daily life in no time.

Mouvex watches draw on their classic Swiss heritage but are also combined with creative concepts. We thoroughly considered all the aspects and that’s why we realized we wanted to provide you with an experience from start to finish. It’s about more than just telling the time, or making a fashion statement. It’s about buying into a little piece of something that’s sustainable and smart in its design.


“Smart packaging for a smart purchase”

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