Almost in the same way that the French-Swiss film director, Jean-Luc Godard has incarnated his masterpieces, does the story of the Swiss watch brand come to life, Mouvex. Although, this is only a coincidence.



The story takes place in the foothills of Switzerland, in the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds, famous for watchmaking. It was here in the “Watch Valley” that some of the most prestigious Swiss watchmaking brands were founded. The year was 1911 when the two talented Swiss watchmakers of the era Eugène Blum and Alice Levi-Blum launched Mouvex as a watch brand and watch manufacturer. The founders were also widely known across the industry as they simultaneously founded the watch brand Ebel.


The second half of the 20th century brought many challenges, and it was then decided that the founders would place their efforts and focus on the brand Ebel, while Mouvex would be placed in a state of hibernation until the day that it would be woken up.


The 1900s didn’t mark only the blossom of the watchmaking industry. During the 1910s in France, the Art Deco style originated which then thrived as the most fashionable international design movement in modern art. For this reason, the Blum founders released back then limited numbered collections which were always in some way influenced by the Art Deco style. This was a key inspiration because of the architecture found throughout the founding city La Chaux-de-Fonds as well as Paris.


Founded on mathematical geometric shapes which drew equally on Greco-Roman Classicism, in particular, Art Deco designs are characterized by trapezoidal, zigzagged and triangular shapes, chevron patterns, stepped forms, sweeping curves and sunburst motifs, details that are easily noticeable in the Radio City Music Hall auditorium and the Chrysler Building. Exactly, in the same way, this artistic approach has inspired the Mouvex watch collections.


Mouvex is back, inheriting the Swiss excellence and heritage in watchmaking, again paying tribute to notable forms of art. The relaunch of the brand marked the return of the famous Art Deco inspired collection of premium watches. The Art Deco design motifs are gently engraved in the cases’ backs. The watches, part of this collection, like ZigZag, Streamliner, Gatsby, etc. are named after the characteristics of this design.


One of Mouvex’s brand values points is exclusivity. This is why the launching collection is a limited numbered edition. Every timepiece is equipped with a unique serial number which is engraved in the case back along with the special Art Deco motifs.


Mouvex watches make the perfect pieces to enrich collections of precious timepieces for the industry enthusiasts. And for all the good reasons. Found only in high-end timepieces, the Mouvex watches’ cases are rectangular-shaped and the designs have been projected to better suit this unique experience for at least five years before the famous relaunch. The real challenge in watchmaking is to remain creative. What can better inspire creativity than art?! A piece of art is always worn along with each timepiece by Mouvex.


Mouvex is built upon the impeccable Swiss watchmaking know-how and precision. Its story is long and rich, inheriting the classicism of the past and combining it with the innovation of the modern present. For the Art Deco collection, the timepieces have been created featuring only premium materials. The watches are powered by ETA 2824-2 automatic movement and are equipped with a power reserve of 42 hours. Similar to only a handful of other high-end watches, Mouvex timepieces have a 360-degree opening covered in sapphire crystal glass. Every piece is delivered with two interchangeable straps to match every look.


Mouvex has started a whole new chapter: The #LegacyChapter. Become part of this exclusive journey!

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