It’s almost that time of the year again, as important as Mother’s Day itself, the moment for every son and daughter worldwide to show gratefulness. We are talking about the Father’s Day. Although it is hard to explain how important the father’s figure is in words, everything they have done for us during our childhood and adulthood speaks for themselves. Fathers taught us to ride the bicycle, followed us through good and hard times, protected us from our fears with warm embraces, told us everything we need to know with little words and great wisdom, taught us the most important lessons and spoiled us every time.

And no father is the same. Some of them are real sports fans, some of them love good movies and books, some love to travel and others would rather enjoy a glass of wine at home. Although, the only thing they might share in common is that they never seem to want anything.

We know, dads can be hard to shop for… This is why, in an attempt to make things easier for you, we have prepared a selection of 5 perfect gift ideas for the Father’s Day.


  1. Good footwear don’t care



One of the best gift ideas for the Father’s Day is surely a pair of fine shoes. Whether they are keen on sportive or elegant styles there is always something in store to fit different gustoes. Our proposal for the Father’s Day comes all the way from Japan. The shoemaking industry in Japan has always produced qualitative pieces of art and today we are just introducing you with a short glimpse of the possible choices. Choose between the models that combine the Italian and French elegance and passion for fashion with the remarkable Japanese precision.




  1. Pocket square sounds fair



Opposite to women, the accessories for men are not many and this fact makes it hard to come up with great gift ideas for the Father’s Day. But we think we have got a great choice for you.  You can create a personal set of five precious pocket squares from amazing brands like Boglioli, Etro, Brunello Cucinelli, Richard James, or Turnbull And Asser. Luxurious silk or wool made pocket square would light up every suit style and should not miss in a man’s garderobe.


  1. Keen on the soft skin



Men don’t spend too much time taking care of themselves or their looks. One of the most important activities for all of them is the grooming routine, which is probably the ultimate time that every man goes through. And while doing so, why not do it the right way and pay the necessary importance to it. This Father’s Day, you can surprise your beloved fathers with a very elegant and professional set of grooming tools. Acqua di Parma offers an incredible set that will come in hand. The gift can be enriched with a nice fragrance to complete the self-care process from Creed, an unrivaled blend is comprised of high-quality ingredients, perfect for gentlemen who enjoy the finer things in life.





  1. Seal the deal for the leather feel



Another important detail about a man’s look is the belt combined with a wallet. Every outfit needs to be equipped with these important accessories so take advantage and surprise your fathers with this perfect gift idea for the occasion. Our suggestion is inspired by Tom Ford and the two pieces match each other perfectly well.





  1. Style so slick in a clock tick



And last but not the least, our fifth suggestion in the line of the perfect gift ideas for Father’s Day is a Mouvex watch. A Mouvex watch makes a perfect gift to give thanks to your father as it beholds several meanings on this important day. Combining the Swiss watchmaking heritage and the modern approach, Mouvex has gloriously returned with the limited numbered edition of watches part of the Art Deco Collection inspired by the famous design motifs. These pieces are perfect to enrich precious watch collections. Every timepiece is equipped with interchangeable straps, perfect to match the watch with every style.

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