As we are slowly leaving behind spring, the summer is around the corner. And it deserves to be welcomed gracefully.

Since February, we have been able to explore the 2020 spring/summer fashion trends as showcased in the respective New York and London Fashion Weeks and everything has been just astounding. From the color palettes, to the different patchwork prints and animal patterns, you will be guided through an alluring world of style which has put together the glorious highlights of the past and glimpses of the future.

So, with no further ado, let’s take a look at 6 fashion trends we have chosen that will hardly leave you unnoticed this summer.


  1. The diversity of the color palettes

We have always thought of the color combinations to be standard and easy… until now. The London and New York fashion weeks taught us a new lesson. So, for summer 2020 you can make use of color blocks, especially when they are all primary colors. In the meantime, it is important to maintain stability, while always trying to be creative and spontaneous especially in color approaches.

Some of the color combinations to enjoy this summer are:

  • Orange and Blue;
  • Beetroot Purple and Iris Yellow;
  • Kelly Green and Fiery Red.


Another important detail to keep in mind is the use of single colors like Lark (a khaki tone), Navy Blazer, Biscay Green, or for a brighter touch, Coral Pink. The highlight of these collections though will remain the Rose Brown color.



  1. The chemistry between the patterns and colors

When thinking about patterns and colors a question might arise naturally. Is there any secret or “rule” of mixing them together?!

It is important to have patches of the same color running throughout different pieces of the look. Patterns might change but it is important to have this bond between them, which is the color.


  1. Wildness unleashed and epic comebacks

Over the last few seasons, the animal print has been a strong resurgence. And now this inner desire has been unleashed with the spring/summer collections for men. If you are looking to spice things up with your look a little, just add a touch of the wild to your wardrobe or accessories.

Another trend which is reemerging with the 2020 spring/summer collections, is the Cuban Collar Shirt. Dating back in the 18th century in South America, initially served as a uniform to the working-class men and it took by storm in the ‘50s becoming part of every gent’s wardrobe.

You might jazz up your elegant looks by combining these shirts with suits.


  1. Head to toe style considerations

One of the principles of this year’s fashion collections is comfort and this principle is manifested in many details about the outfits.

Over the knee shorts are the next big thing. Imagine having a nice pair of over the knee shorts in salmon pink color paired two-strap slides for a casual summer evening. As it has always been and always will be, the suits are the ultimate style indicator, so they are a must-have. But this summer their style comes with a twist called “relaxed suiting”. The loosen cut will refresh your style this summer. The same applies for the oversized jackets and the high waisted pants.


  1. Stylish gaze at the summer sky

No great sun can be enjoyed without the right sunglasses. The IT sunglasses for summer 2020 as highlighted by the biggest names of fashion are the shield ones. And while they have already become the trend, this summer’s sun will witness a lot more shield glasses models.


  1. Dare to be different and wear it on the wrist

Do you know what 2020 spring/summer fashion collections and Mouvex have in common? In the core of both stand the self-expression and versatility.

Mouvex as well is a perfect combination between the 1911 Legacy and the promises of the future. Its glorious comeback makes it a-must-have detail to complete the summer style. Through the interchangeable straps feature, the Mouvex’s watches allow you to express yourselves by matching the watch to your outfits.


The Rose Gold case perfectly matches this year fashion trends while the variety of straps offered in different premium materials as well as colors complete every look. Choose your band in lark or navy blazer colors or check out on the crocodile imprint band, all made of full grain Italian leather. Keep your looks elegant while enriching your collection of precious watches with Mouvex.

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