Lessons on style: Frenchmen take the lead

We have always paid tribute to the elegance of the Frenchwomen. Their elegance, their identifiable presence, their irresistible charm, and absolute uniqueness are only some of their attributes which Frenchwomen are born with. But it seems that this perception doesn’t apply only to Frenchwomen but also to Frenchmen.


We would be prepared with factual arguments for our thesis but there will be no need for those as we are perfectly aware that you think just the same way as we do. Let us just remind you of the iconic style of Alain Delon, one of the most prominent actors and screen sex symbols from the 1960s. It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that he is actually French. This charm is inherited from generation to generation, it is something that runs in the Frenchmen’s genes. Regardless of what these individuals are actually occupied with, if they are famous for fashion, art, or writing, their style can never be mistaken. Yves Saint Laurent, Albert Camus, Sartre and Charles Aznavour had one distinguishing and very particular characteristic in common, they were all very elegant and very French.


Although, we are very curious to understand what makes Frenchman so intriguing. France is all about culture and inspiration for different people. It is not only a romantic destination, but it is rather the country where art, creativity, and self-expression have been and still are nurtured and inspired. The French music, literature, movies, and theatres are among the most notable worldwide. On the other hand, this country is well known for the amazing Riviera and the beauties you are able to find only there. And don’t get us started on the food and the amazing wines. It feels like France is the place where passion for life interlinks with the quality of thought and the high standard of maintenance. And then there is the language… The harder it seems to be, the better it sounds. When considering the whole background and particular scene of the play, it becomes easier to understand what wondrous reality Frenchmen come from.


How do you understand that a handsome garçon might actually be French?! Let’s take a deeper look into the French style.

The suit

The suit is a symbol of social success. And then the question arises: What would a trend pick in France?! If they would pick a suit, they would most probably go for the color grey or navy blue. But we can definitely not exclude the black.


The Shoes

It is in fact the first thing to be checked on when trying to evaluate ones’ style. A beautiful pair of shoes is something very important in the French culture, and especially if the shoes are cared for and waxed.


The watch & the accessories

There are so many things you can tell if you just look at the details. A certain style would be completed with accessories such as a cardholder, a beautiful belt, cufflinks, etc. A great pocket square or a tie are details that identify the French style. Another detail that completes significantly an elegant look is the right sunglasses. The watch is also very important in a man’s wardrobe. And when choosing the right one, elegance should be the first criteria to be taken into consideration.

Might make use of a suggestion? A Mouvex would perfectly work for this purpose with its squared shape.


In order to have a full view of what we have in mind just think about the impeccable styles of Vincent Cassel, Jean Dujardin, Jean Reno, or Olivier Martinez.


The Frenchman lessons in style and fashion are a reflection of their mentality and lifestyle. To close this journey through the impeccable universe of Frenchmen and not only we salute you with the most memorable and famous line from the 1942 movie Casablanca, when ex-pat Rick tells his former lover Ilsa: “We’ll always have Paris.” Well, we will always have France and Frenchmen to remind us to live in elegance and charm.

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