Mouvex is now stepping a foot in Paris

Mouvex watches has recently adhered to a very special collaboration with one of the most interesting boutiques located at the epicenter of the French capital, Paris. This whole journey for Mouvex has been incredible, first relaunching with the most impressive collection of limited numbered artistic timepieces, Art Deco-inspired, after a very long time of being in a hibernation state and then establishing the presence in physical locations through important and fruitful collaborations with true watches’ enthusiasts. This love for the industry is expressed not only through the entrepreneurial investments but also through the deep considerations for the past and the heritage. Mouvex is a brand made of amazing history, Swiss know-how, and family legacy in watchmaking.



This whole new perspective of launching in the market since Mouvex was woken up started off in the most modern way, providing an organic blend between the past and the future. We have made it possible for our clients to find everything that they need and full support through our website, something that remains quite uncommon for luxury watch brands, only to later provide as well physical presence in various boutiques.

We are happy to announce that our next collaboration is with Ardentes Clipei, a tailor-made suit boutique dedicated to the original French style with a pinch of Italian magic. The decision was made upon our mutual vision, that of combining together the best of the timeless masculine elegance and tailor-made art while always vouching for self-expression, working hard to help our clients reach out to this very important aspect about their lives.

We invite you to visit their store and enjoy an amazing experience of good taste in style. They are located at 56 rue Saint-Georges, 75009 Paris.

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