The Ultimate Mouvex Size Guide

A watch is more than just a timepiece; it’s a reflection of a man’s personality. It’s also an investment so it’s important to analyse the size to ensure it fits your wrist perfectly.


Style Matters

Your watch is an extension of your style, so this short guide will help you to select your very own Mouvex to appreciate for years to come.


Try Something A Little Different

Square and rectangle-shaped watches are making a comeback and fashion-forward men are taking notice.

This trend started around the beginning of the 20th century. Square watches made an appearance during the Art deco era of the 1920s and ’30s.

During the ’60s, the style made a little comeback since some a few high-profile figures wore the statement watch and people took notice.

Among the wearers were Steve McQueen, John F. Kennedy and last but not least, the grand Al Pacino playing Tony Montana in the infamous classic, Scarface.

Mouvex decided to pay its own tribute to this era with a square, modern yet entirely versatile design.

The watch can be viewed as square or rectangle because the watch case itself is squared but if you take into consideration the lugs, it creates a rectangular look. Hence the dial opening is 32mm, while the watch case is 38mm. The watch case in addition to the lugs is 48mm.


Straps That Reflect Your Taste

The first step is to visualise how the watch would look on you. Consider everything from the straps to the watch face.

One of the main unique features of the Mouvex is the strap. The innovative straps are adaptable since they can be removed and attached to your Apple watch and vice versa.

Mouvex is definitely ahead of the curve, combining art deco aesthetics and 21st-century high-end technology.


Choose The Fit That Is Right For You

As shown in the picture above, the watch has a unique square shape and elegant geometry.

Nevertheless, the versatility of the watch will continue to amaze you.

Finding the perfect fit is paramount. The ideal watch should fit snuggly so it doesn’t slide off constantly or move up and down your arm. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too tight or restricting either.

The Mouvex watch was designed to fit standard to large wrists since we don’t believe that one size fits all

However, for thinner wrists, the All Black Edition is an exceptional choice. The discreet black strap visually reduces the overall size of the watch.

To avoid leaving anybody out, we offer a complete variety of straps to fulfill every man’s needs. For a bolder look, select a strap of your choice to elevate your style. We provide a total of 20 different straps for you to decide from.


The Options Will Astound You:

  • Firstly, there’s the modern rubber strap.
  • Secondly, the classic leather option is available in vintage, camouflage or the crocodile style.
  • Finally, the mesh style offers you something edgy.

Smaller wrists could benefit from selecting the Mesh strap. It can be adjusted easily and the total length of this strap is shorter than the other options. For large wrist, the rubber strap could be a good fit, because it’s the longest of all the Mouvex straps.

All the Mouvex straps come in different colour variations, except for the black rubber option. Moreover, the straps are all compatible with Apple Watches of 42 and 44 mm case sizes (the two larger Apple Watches.)


Dimensions of the Straps:

  • Leather: The width is between 24 mm next to the spring lugs (aka the Apple Watch adapter) and 18 mm next to adjustment holes and buckles. The length is 75 mm on the buckle side and 115 mm on the opposite side.
  • Rubber: The strap has the same width as the leather one.

The length differs; it’s 80 mm on the buckle side and 125 mm on the opposite side.

  • Mesh: The Width is 22 mm. The length of the strap is 75 mm on the buckle side and 110 mm on the opposite side.


Dimensions of the Mouvex Watch:

  • Dial opening: 32 mm.
  • Watch case: 38 mm.
  • Watch case & lugs: 48 mm.


The Distinctiveness of the Mouvex Watch

The design of the Mouvex case was created to incorporate a standard size. Therefore, it’s not excessively big, nor is it too small. Part of the allure is that it accommodates wrists of all sizes depending on the colour and style of the strap.

Both, the bezel and the glass are positioned slightly higher than the case. The effect created is to subtly highlight the various shapes and lines, which is the epitome of its reflection of splendorous Art Deco Style. This in itself is part of the uniqueness of a Mouvex.

The thickness of the watch allows for a greater waterproof resistance – 5ATM. With this inventive watch, you will have a 50 metres water resistance, which is no small feat for a square watch. This achievement is harder for a square watch to attain because it generally has weaker points of resistance in comparison to a round watch.

The Mouvex watch offers a tasteful, timeless design that you can wear with confidence. Now you can choose the perfect Mouvex watch that encapsulates your style and fits your wrist perfectly.



To wrap it up, if you have a small wrist, we advise choosing a black case with a mesh band. And if you have a standard or large wrist, you can go with any of the Mouvex options depending on your own taste!

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