How Mouvex Straps Are Compatible With Apple Watches

There’s nothing better than combining innovation and suave style. The infusion of these attributes is part of what makes the Mouvex Watch so different from anything else on the market.

The detachable straps are one of the features that Apple Watch owners will appreciate. The Mouvex watch straps were specifically designed to be interchangeable with Apple Watch straps.


The Apple Watch And Its Features

There’s no wonder that the Apple Watch took off in popularity. Its features made it revolutionary in the smartwatch world. It’s more of a tech-based watch since its characteristics are rooted in the Apple brand and what it’s synonymous with.

  • It can stream podcasts and playlists
  • You can take calls and messages
  • It allows you to complete certain functions in the place of your phone

The watch is also popular amongst sports enthusiasts since has a few fitness features.

  • Tracks your heart rate
  • Measure calories burned
  • Tracks exercises

One of the main useful factors of the Apple Watch is that the straps are easily detachable. It’s ideal so it can be used in multiple scenarios where one style of strap just wouldn’t suffice. This allows you to alternate it based on the activity you’re doing or the outfit you’re wearing.



Why The Concept Of Interchangeable Straps Is So Unique

The fact that you can interchange the watch strap with an Apple Watch is original in itself. Mouvex is the first Swiss brand in the watchmaking sector to do so, making it a trailblazing concept.

Part of the idea behind the interchangeable straps was to complement rather than compete with the Apple Watch. The Mouvex Watch is pioneering in this regard.

The straps are identical to Apple Watch straps but the watch lugs are slightly different. There is no button to release the strap. You will simply need a small pin tool to press down and release the strap. It’s completely straightforward and the pin is provided with your Mouvex Watch.



The Mouvex Watch Comes With The Following Straps.

  • Leather, both a Vintage and Croc style
  • Leather Camouflage
  • Extra soft Rubber
  • Steel Mesh



Which Size Apple Straps Can Fit The Mouvex Watch

The Mouvex Watch is compatible with the Apple Watch straps that are 42 and 44mm in width.



Switch Up Your Style

You can have the best of both worlds. One moment you’re wearing your classic Mouvex and the next moment you’ve transformed it into a contemporary hybrid. It’s an effortless method to coordinate with what you’re wearing whether it’s formal or casual.

Imagine you want to wear your Apple Watch to a work event; you could simply attach the leather strap for a smart look. Alternatively, if you wanted to wear your Mouvex Watch casually, you could select a strap that makes it seem sporty. There are so many possibilities.




Remember Your Unused Apple Watch Straps?

Now you can put your unused Apple straps to good use and simultaneously use your new Mouvex straps on your Apple Watch. Your unused straps will be given a new lease of life.

The beauty of being able to mix and match straps is that there are multiple combinations. Now you can change the appearance of your watch, simply depending on your mood. You can play with the style whenever you want because it only takes seconds to swap the straps.

It’s truly a watch of the future. The very idea behind it was to create something versatile enough for the modern man. That’s why it isn’t just about a watch that looks the part. It was carefully crafted to provide you with useful solutions that would benefit you in day-to-day life.

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